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Save money at the supermarket! 

Save money at the supermarket! 

In a never-ending bid to curb my spending I did some research into how to be a savvy food shopper. Amongst the usual tips, like using coupons and cash back, there were some interesting ones on shopping patterns that I thought I'd share with you...

Ditch the trolley

According to recent findings you are 40% more likely to spend more if you shop with a trolley. If you’re doing a quick mid-week shop then stick to a basket. You'll subconsciously be more aware of what you’re purchasing and as the basket gets heavier you’ll automatically review your basket - taking out non-essentials and impulse buys along the way.

Perimeter shop

As you make your way round the supermarket, stick to the outside aisles. This is where they place all their essentials like meat, vegetables, bread and other basics (like wine and beer!) whilst all the luxuries and expensive treats are in the middle aisles. It’s also worth doing a straight trip down the central aisle as this is where all the bargains from each aisle are.

Don’t touch!

Science boffins have found if you touch a product for more than thirty seconds it will increase feelings of ownership and desire. So the lesson learnt here is to make the decision on whether you need the item by only looking at it – don’t be tempted to pick it up unless you need to read the packaging or you've decided it’s definitely going in your basket!

Scan shelves

Supermarkets place popular items (and most expensive!) in the middle of the shelf within your eye line. Don’t forget to scan up and down the shelf as it’s here you’ll find the lesser known brands that offer cheaper alternatives. Don’t be afraid to try out a foreign or new brand that you don’t recognise.

Go solo

Make food shopping a one-man/one-woman mission! Going with a friend or family member encourages competition to buy better products and things you don’t really need. By going solo you won’t be judged when you pick up those 2 for 1 ready meals or stock up your trolley with value items.

Have you got any interesting tips on how to save money?

Anushka x