Redundancy: How To Cope & What To Do Next



Losing a job can feel like losing a piece of your identity and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and under pressure. Particularly in the case of redundancy, there's a feeling of helplessness to contend with too as so much of the situation is beyond your control. But, in the face of complete uncertainty, there’s at least a 50% chance that you’re moving on to bigger and better things and the only variant that matters in the equation is you.

 Understand that it’s your role that’s become redundant, not you

 The most important thing to remember is that redundancy is a thing that has happened to you, not a thing that you are. Make that your mantra for your upcoming job search and banish any feelings of worthlessness and self-doubt that being made redundant can often engender. Employers have seen potential in you before. You have skills and a unique perspective to offer. Your situation may have changed but you are still awesome!

What you need right now is information and there are some great, completely free resources out there for people going through this:

 Make the most of your newfound freedom

Instead of wondering if you were wrong for the role, take some time to ask yourself whether it was the right role for you. There’s no better time than now to consider a change of direction. If you need a little help deciding, check out some free online aptitude tests to help you start thinking about the perfect career match for you. Try out these ones from 123 Test, Career Enjoyment, Career Test and WikiJobs to start thinking about new directions and the kind of working environments that would suit your personality and skills.

Perhaps you’re already on the right path and this is just a fork in the road. One of the best resources available to you is your inner circle – your friends and family are the people most invested in your success and there’s absolutely no shame in utilising them as your personal PR and research team. So go ahead and ask around about opportunities and leads. They’ll also almost certainly be ready and waiting to give you a much-needed confidence boost.

Contrary to popular belief, finding that next challenge is a combination of what you know AND who you know - so reach out on social media, call your old boss and network ‘til you get work!

There are also so many ways to earn a little extra cash from home that could help tide you over between jobs or simply provide you with some money that you can guiltlessly spend on yourself! If you're looking for a productive way to utilise your downtime, try out Survey Spotter - which shows you all of the survey sites that are currently looking for participants just like you. Sign up to any that interest you and start earning cash, vouchers, samples and free products online. Survey Spotter estimates that if you signed up to all of their suggested sites and took part in just 2 or 3 surveys per day, you could claim money and rewards worth up to £300 every month - that would take so much pressure off you during your job hunt.

 Maintain a work-life balance post redundancy

 It’s so important to create a positive routine for yourself during a period of unemployment. Make sure that you get up on time, eat well and fit in exercise around a structured schedule of applications and interviews.

The most important thing though is to remember that - even if it feels like all you have is free time - you still deserve time off. That means time off from worrying as well as a break from the job search.

And the best piece of news is there’s plenty of free fun to be had out there if you know where to look. Now, we know you’re busy so we’re always on the lookout for free events and activities we think you'll enjoy. Check out our Cheap & Free Days Out - which we organise by location to help you find something fun to do near you - or how about our grabbing one of our Restaurant Vouchers for some discount deliciousness?

Ultimately, the secret to success here is recognising your self-worth and prioritising personal and professional improvement. What better time to take a course or spend some time volunteering? You could visit Gov UK to look for Volunteering Opportunities and start productively using your time out of work to put something back into your local community. Or why not check out free courses at The Open University to give yourself the very best chance of a better future?

Right now, you’re completely free to grab any opportunities that come your way; it can be an exciting and revitalising time if you let it. And, don’t forget, Magic Freebies is here with the best free stuff and free samples to help you stretch your cash a little bit further and enjoy fabulous freebies!