Personalise your home for FREE (photo cushions, prints & more)


Looking to update your home? Want to give it a personalised touch? 

If you've just moved and it's feeling more house than home, throwing in a few personalised touches can go a long way. Whether it's hanging up your own photos, making use of your favourite colours or propping up your best cushion, a few small changes can really make a difference. 

Hang up your photos

In a world where everything is online, it's easy to forget the simple pleasure of having your own photos hung around the house. When a photo is taken at nearly every opportunity it's important to celebrate them, rather than post on Facebook and forget they even exist. 

Luckily, CanvasChamp™ have a solution.

Bring your photos and memories to life with personalised prints, photo cushions and canvases!

10% discount on personalised photo cushions

Two cushions with pictures of dogs printed on a grey sofa

What better way to commemorate a person, pet or event than by placing it on a cushion.

These lovely cushions make fabulous presents, as well as being a great way to personalise a sofa or bed. Get a photo of your beloved pet put on the front of a cushion - it'll soon become the family favourite!

Plus, by using offer code PILLOW10 you can score 10% discount on personalised photo cushions from Canvas Champ.

Canvas Prints

Collection of canvas photo prints on a staircase

There's no better way to make a home yours than by adorning the walls with photos. A canvas print is a perfect way to bring the memory to life.

Whether you choose to commemorate a special occasion, reminisce on happy holiday memories or display family portraits, a canvas print is a perfect way to bring the memory to life. You can get this great offer in 8"x8" or 16"x12".

Make use of your favourite colours

Who says that walls need to be plain white or cream?

One of the best ways to add personality to your home is to inject it with colour. Have a penchant for red? Paint a feature wall bright red!

If you aren't so bold to commit to painting (or if you're renting and your landlord won't allow), there are lots of other ways to bring colour into your home. Decorate your home with cushions, candles and throws that are all in your favourite hues.

Rearrange your space

If you've lived in your home for a little while and want to give it a new lease of life, a simple rearrangement of your furniture can do wonders.

By pushing your bed to a different position, or moving a bookshelf to a new location, your tired space will seem brand new. One top tip is to try and utilise your space to give yourself as much floor space as possible. The extra space to move about will make the room feel bigger and more open. 

Revive & restore old furniture

Have you got an old bedside table that could do with a bit of love? A coffee table that's seen better days? 

Rather than spend money on new pieces of furniture, restore and revive the pieces you already have. Whether it's a simple lick of paint to freshen up, or changing the knobs on a dresser, you'll feel like you have brand new items. Plus, the personalised touches make them one of a kind.

Add in greenery

A great way to add a personalised touch to your home is through pots, plants and flowers. Everyone has their own taste when it comes to greenery, so you can really make your space your own by displaying yours.

You can buy potted plants from supermarkets on the cheap (and these normally don't require a lot of looking after), or you could even opt for fake plants (that require no looking after!). 

Hopefully these tips will have your house feeling more like your home! Do you have any great budget home personalisation tips I should know about? Let me know