Meet Alice, our new Freebie Hunter!


Hello Alice, can you tell us a little about yourself?

Hi everyone! I'm the latest addition to the Magic Freebies team. I love discovering samples from great brands and money saving ideas for days out.

What is your role at Magic Freebies?

As a Content Editor, I'm always looking for fab freebies and deals to help people save a bit of cash. Give me a follow on Twitter (@MoneySaverAlice) and be sure to send me your money saving and bargain hunting tips!

What is your favourite part about freebie hunting?

Anyone can do it! And it doesn't matter what you're in to - if you know where to look you can always find a freebie you'll love.

What is the best freebie you've ever received?

I am a religious LUSH shopper, and they run a great scheme offering a FREE face mask for every 5 pots your return to your nearest shop. Such a great way to cut down on waste whilst getting a freebie every single time - what's not to like?

What is your kryptonite when it comes to spending?

I really love shoes and definitely own far too many.

Do you have any top tips for new freebie finders?

Get as many friends and family members into freebie hunting as possible - a great life hack for taking unwanted freebies off other people's hands! Getting your loved ones entering the same competitions as you means you'll also be in with a better chance of winning.

Thanks Alice, we look forward to your finds!