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Love Steak?

Love Steak?

Do you want Sirloin Steaks with a free Chopping Board and Cooking Guide for just £9.75?

If you like steak then you'll want to take advantage of this exclusive introductory offer from Donald Russell.

Your introductory box contains

  • 2 Sirloin Steaks, individually packed (pack weight 210g) - save £11.25
  • 1 Slim Beechwood Carving & Chopping Board - worth £12
  • 1 How to 'Meat' Perfection Guide - worth £4.50

You can look forward to a delicious Sirloin steak - flavoursome and almost as tender as fillet, cut from prime grass-fed, fully matured beef.

Get your Sirloin Steaks, Chopping Board and Cooking Guide for just £9.75 now. This offer is better than 2 for 1!

Colleen x