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Lime Pies and Bakewell Tarts

Lime Pies and Bakewell Tarts

I had some good friends over at the weekend and decided to bake some tarts and pies.

If you're a fan of citrus puddings, I can't recommend this Lime Pie recipe enough - the only reason I'm not calling it a Key Lime Pie was because I didn't use Key Limes, which are a special variety of limes, from Florida.

In the end I didn't end up dolloping cream of extra lime zest and the pudding was still delicious.It was my first time making this dessert and it was super easy and tasted great.I also decided to get a sandwich bag and put all the Hob Nobs inside, zipped it shut and bashed it with a rolling pin. This is an easy, non-messy way to achieve biscuit crumbs - it also saves on washing up!

See Key Lime Pie recipe here.

For the next dessert (because one really isn't enough is it?) I made a Bakewell tart. It's slightly more complicated than the Lime Pie, but worth the effort. If you don't have ground almonds then you can use flaked almonds and whizz them in a food processor.

I don't own any baking beans, but I have a great tip for you - get some good quality clingfilm and pour some rice over to weigh the pastry down. After you've taken the pastry base out of the oven, you can use the rice again!

See Bakewell Tart recipe here.

Are you into baking? What are your favourite cakes, tarts and pies to make?

Colleen x