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It's the last pay day before Christmas!

It's the last pay day before Christmas!

Hello Freebie Finders!
How are you today? It's the last pay day before Christmas for most of us - are you prepared? It's a good idea to budget any month, but especially for this month as you may have lots of spending to do…

1. Don’t panic
Turning into a flustering mess won’t help you to get things done. Sleepless nights fretting about the ratio of mince pies to Brazil nuts won’t help. Sit down, make a cup of tea and have a nice think. Christmas is supposed to be an enjoyable holiday!

2. Write lists
Never underestimate the power of a To Do List. Your list is your weapon, your go-to-guy when things get tough and can easily help you save money.

3. Divide the lists
Presents – family, friends, neighbours, Secret Santa’s and work colleagues.
Food – parties, Christmas dinner, New Year’s Eve and chocolate.
Decorations – Tree, baubles, fairy lights.

4.Shop around
You’re on the web right now – so use it! Price comparison sites are the best way to find out how to get cheaper anything, from that hat for Uncle Harry to a new set of multi-coloured fairy lights to hand around your bird bath.  

5. Use your hands
If you want to cut the cost even more, why not consider homemade gifts and goodies for Christmas this year? These can either be homemade food such as biscuits or jams, or why not get your family to all pitch in and hand make your Christmas cards?

Hope you like the tips - if you have any you'd like to share, just let me know!

Colleen x