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I love to eat pancakes

I love to eat pancakes

Sometimes I can go a full year before remembering pancakes exist, only to eat fifteen when pancake day comes round.

This weekend I was lucky enough to have the biggest pancake I've ever eaten, from my favourite pancake eatery, My Old Dutch Pancake House. If you ever find yourself in Kensington, Holborn or Chelsea and you love pancakes - make sure you check it out!

I decided to go for a maple syrup and butter pancake (pictured) which was absolutely delicious. If your tooth isn't as sweet as mine, there are plenty of savoury pancakes available, such as chilli con carne, greek, ratatouille and creamed spinach and smoked salmon.

It's well worth a trip to the My Old Dutch Pancake House and you'll definitely be planning your next visit as soon as you've finished!

Colleen x