How to Get FREE Pet Stuff (the ultimate guide)


Owning a pet is one of life's greatest pleasures. However, it certainly doesn't come cheap! In 2017, the UK spent £4.62 billion on pets and pet-related products.

It's a luxury that some struggle to afford, making pet freebies a great way to try out new products and save some all-important cash. Free stuff isn't just for humans and you can claim lots of lovely free treats for man's best friend.

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Collection of free pet food, including brands Purina, Felix, Whiskas, Pedigree & Naturo.

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Why do companies give away free pet stuff?

For the same reasons that other companies run free sampling campaigns: to generate interest in their products in the hope that, if you like the product, you'll purchase it in the future.

With 45% of the UK population owning a pet there is naturally a demand for pet food and pet-related products. Companies want to make sure you buy their product over someone else's and freebie giveaways are a great way to spread the word and generate interest.

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Feed your pet for free...

Two bags of free Purina Pro Plan Dog Food, on a black marble counter.

Keep reading to find out how freebie finder Amy received these bags of Purina Pro Plan for free!

By far, the most popular pet freebie is pet food samples.

Pet food companies know that one pet food is not going to fit all. Just like humans, all pets are different and have different dietary needs, preference of texture and (most importantly!) taste.

The best way to find out which pet food is right for yours is by trialling free samples from different companies.

Want a pet food freebie right now? Claim a sample of Trophy Pet Food - simply enter your postcode then answer the questions about your four-legged friend.

Top tip time!

Pet food freebies tend to be a lot more personal than other freebies. You normally have to provide details about your pet, including age, weight, size and breed. This is just to make sure that the food is properly suited and that your pet will love it.

Get pet freebies through product testing trials

When buying a new product, the first thing most of us do is check the reviews. Detailed, positive reviews from real customers make it more likely that you'll want to give the product a go for yourself.

Companies like The Insiders, Trnd and BzzAgent run product testing campaigns for all sorts of things, with pet food cropping up regularly. If the application is successful, pet owners are given the product to test and keep for absolutely free, in exchange for an honest review. Previous companies have included:

  • Purina
  • IAMs
  • Bakers

Free cat pet food, bag of Purina on counter with tabby cat staring at camera lens

Freebie finder Lyndsey received a free bag of Purina ONE cat food from an Insiders campaign.

Contact companies for free pet stuff

There are lots of ways to score pet freebies, but one of the most effective methods is to contact companies directly for a free sample. This works especially well with companies that are primarily online, as without free sampling customers won't be able to see what the product looks like, or how they like the product. 

The best way to go about contacting companies is by targeting their unique selling point. For example, if a company specialises in creating organic pet food make sure you mention that you're interested in giving your pet an organic lifestyle. And if your pet has a specific requirement that the company caters for, make sure you mention that!

Above all, remember to be polite in your email - companies have no obligation to send out free samples. Make sure you show interest in their product and your efforts will be rewarded!

Look out for coupons & discounts

Keep your eyes peeled for money off coupons to be used on pet stuff. Follow all your favourite pet brands on their social media channels to be kept up to date with their latest discounts and deals.

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How to get help with your vet bills

One guarantee of owning a pet is the occasional trip to the vets.

Not only can it be traumatic in seeing your beloved pet in pain, but also the damage these trips can do to your bank account.

Luckily, there are ways to get help with your vet bills.

PDSA (Peoples Dispensary for Sick Animals)

The PDSA is the UK's leading vet charity. They provide free vet services to those that receive eligible state benefits and live within the postcode catchment area of a PDSA Pet Hospital or PDSA Pet Clinic.

Check to see if you qualify for free vet treatments on the PDSA website now.

Blue Cross

Blue Cross animal hospitals and clinics provide free veterinary services to those on a low income and receive certain state benefits.

They also have a limited ambulance service that will transport pets with housebound owners, who are unable to take their pet to a London clinic themselves.

Find out if you're eligible for free vet services on the Blue Cross website.

Take out pet insurance

If you do not qualify for free vet services it's important to plan ahead. The last thing you'd want after your pet falling is is to be caught off guard with a huge bill.

Pet insurance does not need to be expensive, so make sure you shop around for a policy that best suits your needs.

If you just need insurance for vets bills, then just choose one that covers that!

However, you can get policies that cover all sorts of eventualities:

  • Vets treatment (operations, check-ups etc)
  • Compensation for the death of a pet within the policy
  • Liability for damage that they may cause to someone else
  • Costs for being looked after if you fall ill and are unable to

Compare pet insurance on sites like Compare The Market and MoneySupermarket.

Get free pet consultations at Pets At Home

Pets At Home worker holding a guinea pig and talking to a group of children 

Credit: Children's University

Pets At Home have dedicated themselves to making sure that pet owners are the best equipped that they can be. Sign up now for the Pets at Home VIP Club and score 10% off your next in-store and online purchase. Plus, pop in your furry friends birthday and they'll receive a special treat!

Not only is Pets At Home one of the best places to find the newest, fluffiest member of your family, they also run a variety of in-store sessions to help you care for your pet in the best possible way.

1) Free dog & cat nutrition consultations

If you're struggling to find the perfect food for your fussy feline, make sure you pop in-store for a free nutrition consultation. Pet food nutrition experts will be able to advise you on the best food for your cat or dog.

Plus, you'll receive a free sample bag of pet food with your consultation AND a voucher for 25% off any advanced nutrition food. Book yourself an appointment online today.

2) Free pet workshops for kids

If you've got little ones as well as pets, then you'll want to teach them the responsibility of pet ownership (and how rewarding it can be).

Throughout school holidays, Pets At Home run various workshops at stores all over the country. Packed with fun, hands-on activities, these workshops are also a great way to entertain your kids for free over the holidays.

Psst - want more free things to do with the kids? Check out our Free Days Out page, regularly updated with all the latest free days out across the UK.

3) Get to know your breed at Super Breed Sundays 

Pets At Home have created the perfect meeting place for you to get to know your dog's breed and meet like-minded owners.

Every breed of dog is different, with individual characters, behavioural traits and dietary/exercise requirements. Super Breed Sundays allow you to find out how to best take care for yours and are ideal for first-time dog-owners, giving you the full run-down of the essentials of bringing a pet into your home.

4) Free fish tank checks

Check to see that the water in your fish tank is suitable with this free, in-store service. Simply bring a sample of your fish tank's water into store and a trained expert will be able to help.

Enter company giveaways to win free pet stuff

Pet companies do giveaways just like the rest! Competitions and giveaways are a great way to raise brand awareness and get potential customers excited by their products.

Whether it's a bag of treats, a new lead or toys for your pet, there are always lots of fab competitions and giveaways for you to enter.

Owning a pet...

...need not be as expensive as you'd think! By applying for pet freebies you'll find yourself saving some pennies here and there, plus with the excitement of getting even more free stuff rolling through the door. Enjoy!

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