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Freebie Finder Debbie finds a Fantastic Freebie!

Freebie Finder Debbie finds a Fantastic Freebie!

I bought a copy of June's Easy Living Magazine. Not only do I like the magazine, but it had a full size Wai Wang body scrub with it, which in itself was a bargain. I then went onto the EasyLiving.co.uk  which has some great competitions, as well as great articles.

Anyway, I'm glad I did, as I came across a link which offers a free £20 voucher for signing up to MyDeco.com. It was easy. I clicked on the link which took me direct to their site and then I registered. Within a couple of hours, I received a confirmation email and then 24 hours later, I received another email with the voucher, which came in the form as a code. 

MyDeco.com is a lovely site, and I spent ages deciding on what to spend my voucher on, but being me, it was always going to be something cat related. They do some lovely wall art and what did I find, but a group of 6 silhouetted cats all in mischievous positions stuck to the wall going up the staircase. 

My husband Nick is decorating our hallway at the moment, and it didn't take much convincing to decide that they would look great 'walking' up our stairs. I then placed the order using the code. They cost £21, and I had to pay £3.95 p&p, but it was worth it. They arrived today, 2 days later, and they are lovely. I can't wait for them to go up.

So, I found a freebie from a freebie and I'm a very happy MagicFreebiesUK lover!

Debbie x



A big thanks to Debbie for writing a guest blog post!

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