How To Get Free Coffee On O2 Priority (Plus More Free Coffee Hacks)


 If you're on O2 you can enjoy free coffee every week!

Coffee lovers rejoice - you can enjoy a completely free coffee or any other hot drink every Tuesday from 2pm!

You can choose from a range of your favourite classic hot drinks from Caffè Nero.

You can choose from either:

  • A tea
  • Latte
  • Cappuccino
  • Americano
  • Flat white

And even a delicious hot chocolate!

There are loads more options up for grabs, including limited edition coffee and special promotions like iced coffee in the Summer.  You can also choose from a regular or large - what a treat! 

This freebie is for O2 customers, so if you're using this phone network make sure you download the Priority Moments app to get started. 

Under Food & Drink you'll find your free Cafe Nero drink offer.

 free nero coffee

Just claim it and head down to your nearest Caffѐ Nero to enjoy your free drink. You can choose from any regular drinks including Americano, Latte, Cappucino and Hot Chocolate - drink in or take out.

If you haven't already checked out Priority Moments, make sure you give it a good browse. There are some amazing offers on there. I even found a freebie for a free Oxford Dictionary which made a great back-to-school gift for my niece.

So make sure you download Priority Moments and put your free Caffѐ Nero in your diary - every Tuesday!

I'm not on O2, how do I get free coffee? 

Don't worry, there are LOADS of ways to get free coffee - you just need to look in all the right places. 

Wuntu Free Coffee 

Wuntu is Three's answer to a loyalty app. They reward their loyal customers with lots of lovely treats, including a free Costa voucher on their app. 

Look out for these freebies and loads more goodies like free cinema tickets, sweet boxes and more.

free costa coffee wuntu

Free Caffѐ Nero Hot Drink

If you nip into your local Caffѐ Nero and pick up a loyalty stamp card with a welcome code, when you download the app you'll get your first drink, absolutely 100% free. How good is that?

Free Waitrose Coffee

Waitrose used to offer free coffee but now you have to purchase something in order to get your free coffee at the end of your trip. 

This is still a great deal though, as their coffee costs a whopping £2.50 and you can purchase anything from as little as 20p (if you can find anything for that in Waitrose) 

Free IKEA Coffee

 If you sign up for an IKEA Family loyalty card, you can get a free hot drink every time you go to IKEA - amazing!

Plus, whoever you're with will also get a free hot drink. Even better!

Free Harris & Hoole Coffee

Harris & Hoole have a lovely chain of coffee shops, which gives you that artisan feel, without spending a fortune.

They also offer a free coffee when you download their free app.

Free Greggs Coffee

When you download the Greggs app you automatically get a free hot drink.

You'll also get a free hot drink when you collect 7 free stamps. There are so many Greggs around and the best part is you can use them at all Greggs so ones at service stations too. Their coffee tastes so good!

free greggs welcome drink

How to spend less on your coffee addiction

 Ok so you might not always be able to score a free coffee, and what do you do when you've used up all your freebies? Don't worry, there are still lots of ways to cut down the cost of coffee. 

50p Giraffe Wednesday coffee

Giraffe have a discounted coffee morning called Wake Up Wednesday where you can pick up any hot drink for a fraction of their normal price (small 50p and large £1) before 10.30am. Bargain!

Bring your own cup 

Lots of brands offer discounts if you bring your own cup when you go to get your coffee fix. 

Here are the best discounts on offer from brands that reward you for bringing your own cup:

Pret - 50p off
Starbucks - 25p off (except £1 filter coffee)
Costa - 25p off
Caffe Nero gives double loyalty stamps (nine stamps and you've got yourself a free drink!)

Greggs - 20p off
Paul - 25p off

Make your own 

Of course, the cheapest option is to make your own coffee at home.

Sure, it doesn't quite taste the same but it will certainly give you a boost in the morning and save you time queuing at the coffee shop. 

Check our site for freebies and giveaways for free coffee mugs, coffee pods, sachets and more! 


Anushka x