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Enjoy a free pizza from Dr. Oetker!


There's nothing like a tasty Dr. Oetker Ristorante pizza to make a great evening.

I'm a big fan, (despite not being vegetarian) of the classic Mozzarella pizza - 'richly topped with tomatoes, creamy mozzarella and pesto, finished with a basil sprinkle.'

My stomach is rumbling just thinking about it.

I have good news for all current Dr. Oetker fans and for all the future fans...

Take the Fresh Pizzeria Taste Challenge and enjoy your next pizza free!

They're so sure that this frozen pizza locks in fresh pizzeria taste that they want you to be rewarded with a free pizza immediately after purchasing one.

Here's how to get it:

  1. Buy any Dr. Oetker Ristorante promotional pack
  2. Look out for your unique code inside your pizza box
  3. Answer 3 simple questions
  4. Download your voucher for a free Ristorante pizza

I promise you, as soon as you wrap your chops around a slice of this deliciousness, you'll be wondering when it is socially acceptable to eat your next (FREE) pizza.

Don't forget to spread the word - Take the Fresh Pizzeria Taste Challenge today!

Colleen x