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5 Reason to Love Stale Bread 

5 Reason to Love Stale Bread 

I love bread as much as the next person but I have been known to throw bread that's past it's best.

In honour of National Bread Week I've compiled a list of uses that will make fellow bread wasters love stale bread...

1. It can be blitzed into breadcrumbs

Bake your stale bread on a low heat until dry then blitz in the food processor. Freeze in an air-tight container and top anything from macaroni cheese and casserole to chicken kiev and your favourite fish.

2. It makes a fancy starter

Tear your stale bread into small chunks and turn it into a delicious Garlic and Bread Soup. Heat up some chicken stock, add the stale bread, salt and garlic, then simmer. Finish with parsley, black pepper and sprinkling of cheese. 

3. Two words:  cheese toastie

The point in toasting or grilling bread is to get it nice and crispy so you're half way there with stale bread. For a delicious toastie spread butter on the slices before putting the cheese on top. Now I'm hungry...where's the stale bread...

4. You can make croutons and never have a boring salad or soup again

Cut the bread into cubes (the thick ends of the loaf are great for this) and place on a oven tray. Drizzle olive oil and sprinkle dried herbs and salt in a bowl. Grill until golden brown - voila! Delicious croutons ready to be added to your meals and packed-lunches. 

5. Bread & Butter pudding tastes better with stale bread 

After some field research, it was discovered that the main reason for people disliking Bread & Butter pudding (apart from insanity) was that they didn't like the sogginess of it. Well, if you use stale bread it'll stay crispy on the outside and retain some density. Make a posh version using stale croissants, hot cross buns or anything from the Danish pastry family.

So, next time you're about to throw away those last few slices of bread, stop and think of all the delicious things you can make with it. 

Anushka x