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5 great tips for an easy life

5 great tips for an easy life

Check out my tips for an easy life!

1. Reverse your hangers
So you have a lot of clothes and you want to reduce your collection? Easy! Hang all the clothes with the hangers reversed on the rail for one year. Every time you pull a hanger out to wear whatever is on it, put the hanger back round the right way. At the end of the year, take out all the hangers that were  reversed - you don't need them, give them away to charity!

2. Leave the house on time, every morning
Create a playlist that is exactly the same length of time that you need to get ready in the morning. Start with relaxing music and end with energetic songs. You'll soon be able to work out how long you have left to get ready by what song is playing.

3. Use your hand as a ruler
Measure your hand from the fingertips to palm and remember the measurement. You will now be able to judge the size of anything!

4. Cure brain freeze and make sneezes disappear
Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth whenever you have brain freeze from eating an ice cream or when you don't want to sneeze.

5. Get ice cold drinks in 3 minutes
Want to cool down a warm beer can? Put the can or cans in a pot and cover with ice. Add 2 cups of salt and fill the pot with water - your drink will be ice cold in just 3 minutes.


Hope you enjoy these tips for an easy life! If you have any you'd like to share, please comment below.

Colleen x