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11 Top Veganuary Picks for Eating Out & Shopping Vegan


Veganuary 2018 broke records, and this year is set to be even bigger! A whopping 47% of people who took part last year were omnivores to begin with. There are so many incredible reasons to go vegan, and trying it out for a month could be the beginning of a brand new lifestyle - it's the perfect way to kick-off your new year.

'Single-use' was named Word of the Year for 2018, which was down to people learning of the devastating effects of single-use items and un-recyclable materials on our planet. The Zero Waste Movement has taken off and bulk-buy shops continue to pop up across the UK and the rest of the world! However, it has come to light that setting our sites on going vegan will help the world EVEN more than going zero waste.

This is just a rough example of how deforestation in the name of rearing animals & growing crops to feed our food, compares to deforestation linked to producing paper:

Credit: Skeptics Stack Exchange

With this in mind, here are some wonderful restaurants and big supermarkets, here in the UK that are getting stuck in to offer us plenty of delicious vegan options to make Veganuary a doddle!

Eating Out

 Credit: Evening Standard

Greggs Vegan Sausage Roll

Due to the controversy and mixed response, you've likely already heard the news that Greggs have launched their very first vegan sausage roll, which comes after PETA presented them with a petition for better options. You can enjoy this delicious alternative sausage roll for just £1! 

Credit: Vegan Food & Living

Harvester Vegan Menu

Harvester have launched so many incredible vegan options, that they even made it onto PETA's list of the best vegan high street choices! I visited Harvester for breakfast recently and had a taste of their 'Hipster Breakfast', which is a vegan option for a full-English cooked brekkie with Harvester's affordable prices. It was delicious, incredibly filling and contrary to many people's main concern with vegan food - not dry at all! Would highly recommend. 

Credit: Bustle

Pizza Hut's Cheat On Meat Menu

Pizza Hut have jumped straight to it and released a super decadent vegan pizza that features Jackfruit - a popular vegan alternative for a flavoursome meat-replacement. Tuck into their vegan Jack n' Ch**se pizza, Vegan Veggie or Vegan Margherita. Click to take a look at these scrumptious pizzas & book your table.

If you're curious about Jackfruit and want to find out more before giving it a taste, check out this article from Food Revolution for information.

Leon's The Love Burger

Leon have always been wonderful for providing a wide array of choice, and now they've taken it up a notch in time for Veganuary. Hailing this burger as "what the world needs now" (well, that's certainly true), this ensemble features a beetroot soya patty, with burger sauce, Caroline mustard mayo, tomatoes, pickles and smoked gouda-style cheese. Yum! Check out their menu for plenty of other vegan delights. 

Credit: Frankie & Benny's

Frankie & Benny's Vegan Burger

 The above is a strong testament to how going vegan or trying out Veganuary need not compromise on taste or convenience. Frankie & Benny's have chains up and down the country with food at affordable prices, so getting your mitts on their super popular Beet Burger is easy! Take a look at the Veganuary website for other vegan options on their menu - this is sure to make your life much easier.



Credit: Evening Standard

McDonald's New Happy Meal

Annoyingly, this happy meal has vegan ingredients BUT the wrap itself is passed through the same toaster as milk-containing burger buns. As the ingredients are technically vegan and since McDonald's is so popular, we've chosen to include this newbie in our round-up anyway. Even the smallest changes are still great! Pop to Maccies now to treat your little one to a Veganuary-friendly Happy Meal. 

Credit: Wagamama

Wagamama's Vegan Menu

This isn't a Veganuary special - Wagamama's have been pioneers of their own vegan takes on Asian classics for a while! Their recipes are tried, tested and loved by all - so you really can't go wrong. Click here to take a look at the menu, PLUS to check out their video guide to cooking with leftovers.

Shopping Vegan 

Credit: The Flexitarian

Sainsbury's Love Your Veg! Range

 The supermarket giant has just placed another whopping 25 new vegan products on its shelves! You can now choose from 5 different vegan pizzas as well as snap up the famous Seitan bacon. This puts their current offering up to 100 products for plant-based shoppers. You can browse all the best options from their Love Your Veg range by clicking here.

Marks & Spencer 'Dirty' Vegan Comfort Food

This isn't just vegan food, it's M&S vegan food. You can now buy the UK's very first dairy-free supermarket coleslaw, plus you can tuck into all of your old favourite 'naughty' dishes without the guilt! Try M&S's Plant Kitchen range for vegan Mac n' Cheese, Pizza, Wraps, Thai Green Curry and much, much more. 

Credit: Plant Based News

Waitrose Vegan Range 

Waitrose have kept it simple, by labelling their own brand alternatives with nothing but 'Vegan', which is certain to make shopping this month much easier. They've also dedicated a whole shelf to vegan options from a variety of much-loved brands - making your Veganuary shopping experience quick and easy! We can't wait to try the oh-so-Waitrose Lemon Mayo

Hopefully this guide fills you with confidence to get involved and make Veganuary a huge success! For anyone with friends & family members saying it will be inconvenient or too expensive, simply link them here!

If you think something really great should be added to our list, get in touch here.

Alice xx