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Let's meet Freebie Finder Ruth


Hello there! What’s your name and where are you from?

Hi my name is Ruth and I am from Northwich in Cheshire

How long have you been visiting MagicFreebies?

I have been visiting Magic Freebies since September 2014

What has been the best freebie you've received?

Up to now I have had free cat food and free Lindt chocolate and hopefully lots to come too!!

What's your favourite part about the Magic Freebies website (apart from the freebies of course!) and why?

The website is easy to follow and it's just so exciting entering the offers and looking forward to freebies

What's your top tip for new Freebie Fans?

My top tip is to apply for as many freebies as you can and have lots of fun doing it too

If you had the chance to give away a freebie, what would it be?

I would give a homeless person a free years rent while they got their life back together

Thanks for letting us interview you Freebie Finder Ruth! We love the freebie you'd choose to give away and wish you all the best with your Freebie Finding in 2015!.

If you want to tell us about your time at Magic Freebies UK please contact us.