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An army of Freebie Finders is Born


The current state of the economic climate means that the majority of people in the UK are well and truly feeling the pinch. Treats such as meals out and trips to the cinema are taking a backseat so those troublesome bills can be paid.

Fear not, because all is not bleak. A new online revolution is sweeping the nation that allows the old and young to come together and bag themselves a bargain, or even better something for free. The past few years have seen an influx in the amount of freebie websites popping up online, encouraged by the amount of companies that are willing to give away samples and free products to an army of ‘Freebie Finders’.

One such website is MagicFreebiesUK, which on a daily basis picks the best freebies available and sends out a newsletter to thousands of subscribers.

There are hundreds of Freebies to choose from every day, from makeup to alcohol and cleaning goods. They also prove popular with the 96,796 + followers MagicFreebiesUK have on Facebook.

But just how much money are people saving themselves by doing so?

Seasoned freebie finder Amy Turnbull spends 2-3 hours a day applying for freebies and entering competitions online in order to possibly win luxuries that her and her partner cannot afford on a low income.

“I would say it is definitely worthwhile, as I’ve had hundreds of pounds worth of stuff in the last couple of years, included a holiday which itself should have cost almost £1,000!

My partner and I are on a very low income and it really helps being able to get so much helpful stuff for free or for reduced costs, as well as little treats we wouldn’t normally be able to afford (like the holiday, or a meal or movie).

It is really are a nice bonus as it’s the only way we can manage to have nice little extras”.

This is a familiar story for most of the regular ‘Freebie Finders’ on the site, which range from stay at home mums to students. Almost all are on a low income and use the freebies available to them as a way of saving hundreds of pounds a year.

Michelle Rae Lee uses MagicFreebiesUK as her main source of finding giveaways and often applies for a variety of different products,

“I must have saved hundreds of pounds on prizes and from the samples. I apply for perfume, aftershave, household goods, pet food and children’s toys and clothes.”

The freebies available also serve as little treats and luxuries that can make life easier for some, like user Pip Judge.

“My husband works, bless him, but the money isn’t great. The little treats that we get make it a little easier, thank god for freebie finding!”

As long as companies are willing to run competitions and promote these giveaways, there will be peace of mind for those looking for the little luxuries in life that can be hard to come by.

Author: Tara Hannah | Source: www.tarahannah.wordpress.com/