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How to save money on Amazon


Love Amazon? You'll love our guide...

We will ensure you the best deal around whilst shopping online. Our guide includes pages to help you discover hidden bargains as well as discounts that you may not know about - such as if you are a student you can get 5% off all your purchases! Happy online shopping!

Secret bargains

Often Amazon will offer reductions on certain products and you can get as much as 99% off. To find these bargains all you have to do is understand how to tweak web addresses in order to reveal lists of bargains. Here is a list of the web pages you should visit to discover discounts:


Books (60% - 99% off)
iPods and MP3 (75% - 99% off)
DIY (80% - 99% off)
Shoes (75% - 99% off)
Digital Cameras (50% - 99% off)
Car GPS (75% - 99% off)
Photography Accessories (80% - 99% off)
Toys & Games (75% - 99% off)
Clothing (80% - 99% off)
Sports & Leisure (80% - 90% off)
Audio & TV (70% - 99% off)
Beauty (75% - 99% off)
Kitchen (75% - 99% off)
Kitchen Appliances (75% - 99% off)
Handbags (75% - 99% off)
Jewellery (75% - 99% off)
PC & Video Games (75% - 99% off)
PC Software (75% - 99% off)
Ink Cartridges (75% - 99% off)

Buy at the perfect time

As Amazon varies prices on their goods when they are selling for cheap they are popular and will sell quickly. ZeeZaw is a new and unique way to find huge savings on Amazon - all you have to do is set the price and they will track it and contact you when Amazon matches that price. They check Amazon prices for you every day so you can relax and wait. It's a great tool for events such as birthdays, weddings or if you want to spoil yourself.

Next day delivery - FREE

Sometimes Amazon will offer customers a free 30 day trial of their Amazon "Prime" service where you get free 1 day delivery. Perhaps this trial would come in very hand over Christmas time? DON'T FORGET TO CANCEL THE TRIAL otherwise you could end up paying. Write a note of the day the trial runs out down on your calender!

The Amazon MasterCard

If you find yourself spending a lot of your money on Amazon - why not consider getting their credit card? £15 will be credited to your Amazon Mastercard once you make a purchase on your card within 180 days of the account opening! Check out for the latest deals amazon are offering, you also get loyalty points for every £1 spent!

Deals of the week

Bookmark the page "Deals of the Week" and you should be able to find yourself some great prices on anything from Electronics, Health & Beauty, Jewellery and Watches to Toys & Games and Home & Garden.

Compare, compare compare!

Don't think that because Amazon is easy to do all you shopping at that you should do all your shopping there! If you look around at other comparison sites - for example if you were looking for DVDs, Games Consoles and Games you could look at our very own Magic Price Comparison!

Check the box!

With Amazon you can get free delivery on certain goods - you just need to check the option "super saver" and it will take 3-5 days for your product to reach you. Remember to check to see if your order qualifies for free delivery else you could end up paying far more than you expected!