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My Favourite Restaurant Deals

2 for 1, Kids eat free, BOGOF on Cocktails - it's like music to my ears. Here's a round-up of my favourite restaurant deals at the moment...

- Pizza Express

You can get a Summer Special Pizza for just £2.50. All you have to do is buy one main course and then the second will cost you £2.50!

This offer is valid all day on Monday - Thursday and on Sunday after 5pm, until the 28th July 2013.

- Strada

There's nothing like a VIP club to make you feel special and when you join the Strada Club you will get a special reward and birthday treat - a free glass of Prosecco or free dessert!

- Burger King

I'm a burger lover, and so Burger King's King of the Day offer is a big favourite of mine. The deal is simple, each day at Burger King you will get a burger fir just £1.99.

If you're a food fan, make sure you check out the latest Restaurant Vouchers.

Colleen x



Free stuff from L'Occitane

I suffer from dry skin and I'm always on the look out for a new moisturiser - so I'm very happy that L'Occitane are giving away some free samples this month.

You can get one free set of Divine Cream, which includes 7 x 1ml Divine Cream samples when you visit your local L'Occitane boutique. If you make a purchase online, enter the code DIV7D at the checkout to get your free sample.

So what is L'Occitane Divine Cream? Well my dears, it's (according to the L'Occitane website)...

  • voted the best anti-ageing miracle cream in 2011
  • combines organic Immortelle and Myrtle essential oils
  • rejuvenates the skin by lifting features, redefining facial contours and brightening dark spots
  • enriched with plant oils for a silky texture and supreme nourishment

Get your free sample now!

If you're interested in saving money on beauty, have you seen our articles?

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Colleen x

Review -  Batiste Tropical Dry Shampoo

Greasy hair be gone! This morning Batiste’s Tropical Dry Shampoo made my hair semi respectable and even better…it was free.

When it comes to choosing between an extra 20 minutes in bed and washing/blow-drying my hair there’s really no contest. Sweet slumber triumphs every time. This means I’m often faced with the unsightly problem of dull, greasy (sob!) and unkempt hair.

Dry shampoo has quickly become my morning saviour. In one short spritz it can soak up any grease and instantly refresh dull hair. I’m a big fan and often stockpile the stuff like it's WW3. I've tried a few different dry shampoo brands in my time but I've always liked Batiste.

There are so many different fragrance variations to choose from with something for every hair type, colour and style. Plus, unlike other brands their products don’t leave a powdery matte coating, often making my dark hair look grey. Not a great look!

They recently had a Try Me Free offer, which we featured on MagicFreebiesUK, so I decided to take advantage and buy another to add to my growing collection. As I was off on holiday I bought a mini travel-size version of their Coconut & Exotic Tropical shampoo. It was a good size to cram into an already bulging toiletries bag and the scent was deliciously fruity.

I used it a few times over the holiday and not just when my hair was in need of a refresh. My limp locks can get quite lank and lifeless so it was perfect for quickly adding some volume on nights out. It also added a nice subtle fragrance to my hair - nothing too overwhelming.

I've been using it lot since I got back - it reminds me of holidays - and for a travel-size it’s still got lots left. Great value for money considering it was only £1.50!

You can buy Batiste products from online retailers and the high street including Boots. Prices range from £1.50 to £4.99 but I was lucky enough to be able to claim my money back through the Try Me Free offer.

You can also keep updated with all the latest Batiste freebies, news and offers by Liking the Batiste Facebook page.

Anushka x

Review: 2true Colour Quick & Glitterati Nail Polishes

This week I've been rekindling my love of glitter and tried out 2true's Glitterati and Colour Quick Nail Polishes.

Read my review here...

Since going on holiday recently I’ve rekindled my love of all things pink, and after spending the last six months in a sea of black and navy, I’m now enjoying something of a girly renaissance.

l'm finding myself being drawn to all the glitter nail polishes and topcoats out at the moment, and as I was walking through Superdrug the other day, like a moth to a flame, I discovered 2true’s Glitterati Nail Polish. This new Limited Edition range comes in six shades including a deep turquoise and electric blue but naturally I was drawn to Shade 6 - an orangey pink.

At £1.99 it was a complete bargain but as it was three 2true products for £5 at Superdrug I thought it’d be silly not to get another 2 products.

I picked up two bottles of Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polishes in Pink and Warm Coral, and decided to go on a full on girly assault and use the bubblegum pink nail polish as a base and Glitterati as a topcoat.

The first thing I noticed about the Fast Dry Colour Quick Nail Polish was the flat brush. These were once only found on high end nail polishes but a lot of budget beauty brands now boast them, too. I do enjoy using a flat brush and this one certainly helped to evenly distribute the nail polish.

It was, surprisingly, quite runny but this meant it dried quickly and I was able to apply two coats in quick succession. The light consistency didn't have any effect on the colour – it was nice and intense. I topped it off with the glitterati nail polish, and the mix of large glitter chunks and tiny sparkles looked really pretty. It also dried fairly quickly. I've used other glitter topcoats before and they've taken an age to dry, so I was impressed.

The nail polish lasted a few days and apart from a small chip here and there, it stood the test of time well. When it came to removing it, it did take a bit of scrubbing with the nail polish remover pads but it's inevitable with glitter.

Overall 2true's nail polishes were affordable, easy to apply, fast drying,  intense in colour and long-lasting – everything I would want in a nail polish.

I’m looking forward to trying the Glitterati nail polish on it’s own and also combining it with the warm coral shade. I have a feeling these polishes will be seeing me through the Summer!

If you'd also like to try them then 2true cosmetics are stocked at Superdrug where you can pick up 3 products for £5. They’ve also got a great competition running at the moment where you can enter to Win 1 of 50 sets of 2true PRO Salon Shine and 3D Candy Nail Art.

Anushka x

Get a Free Sanctuary Body Butter - Hurry!

Morning Freebie Finders,

This morning you can enter for a free 100ml Sanctuary Spa Body Butter. All you need to do is enter some quick details and if you're one of the first 500 people to register they'll send you a free body butter.

I've got this body butter at home - it's luxuriously thick and leaves your skin petal-soft.

Good luck!

Anushka x

We Love Free Music!

Here at the MagicFreebiesUK office we like to whistle a jaunty tune or hum along to a happy melody.

So much so that we have music playing at nearly all times. From easy listening in the mornings (with some Rage against the Machine thrown in for good measure on Mondays) to feel good tunes on a Friday, the choice of music always seems to reflect the mood in the office! Or rather the person on music duty.

I won’t name any names but we've got a big folksy, acoustic fan who enjoys Ben Howard, an old school R'n'B nut and a fangirl who plays nothing but 1D and Taylor Swift much to the annoyance of everyone else.

We take advantage of the free digital music service Spotify to play free music in the office which means we can play whatever takes our fancy. If you haven’t yet used Spotify then you can create a free account and listen to millions of songs on your desktop and laptop. Just hit play! You will have to accept ads but for a completely free music service it’s a pretty small inconvenience.

There are also loads of other free music services on the Internet. We've heard good things about Jamendo and Grooveshark too! Or you can listen to Jango – a free Internet radio service.

Anushka x

Review: Clayspray - the world's first Clay in a Spray!

I recently got to try out Clayspray. Read my review…

When I received a bottle of Clayspray in the post I had already heard whisperings of this new product launch so I was more than a little excited to try it out.

Clayspray is the first clay emulsion to come in a spray can which not only helps keep the clay fresh and pure but also completely fuss-free. Great news for me as clay masks have always done wonders for my complexion but I tend to avoid them as they can be a real mess,

The clay itself is sourced from deep within the Iberian Mountains of Spain, and is only mixed with cardamom and spring water to create what Clayspray promise to be the purest clay on earth.

Here comes the science bit…

To  also retain the natural moisture and skin nourishing properties of the clay, it’s been enriched with 'macromolecular hydrogels' to moisturise the skin and enhance the properties of the clay.

I got to try the Pore Refining White Clay Masque which suited me down to a T. The recent muggy weather has left my skin feeling sticky and congested, and with Clayspray promising to exfoliate, remove impurities and nourish deep down it was just what the skin doctor ordered!

When I got home that evening I was truly knackered and my skin looked awful – large pores, dark eyebags and a shiny t-zone (nice!). I removed my make-up, splashed my skin with cool water, as recommended, and dispensed the clay from the can. In my head I had visions of it spraying out like a hairspray but in reality it was more like a mousse or shaving gel effect with the clay coming out smooth and dense.

I gently massaged a 50 pence-sized amount onto my face and it immediately felt nice and cooling. Like most clay masks it felt tight across my skin as it dried and after 20 minutes I was definitely ready to take it off. After I removed it my skin felt really fresh and clean. I really didn't want to put anything on my skin but I applied a light moisturiser to stop it from drying out.

I was really impressed with Clayspray. It was easy to use, mess-free and my skin felt daisy-fresh. I've since found out White Clay contains minerals including potassium, calcium and silica which is great for moisturising and anti-aging so it seems to have most bases covered.

I've since tried it another three times and my skin not only looks smoother but my pores don't feel as congested by the end of the day. My make-up has also been blending in better which is always a good sign. Clayspray is a pricier product than most at £44.50 for a 125ml bottle but with 17 treatments per bottle it works out around £2.60 per go. My skin has been feeling as fresh as when I've had a facial so I'd say it was a pretty good alternative to a professional treatment.

The Clayspray range also includes both a Brightening and Toning White Clay Masque as well as Red Clays which comes in Glow, Mattifying and Deep Cleansing versions. There are also two hydrating H20 Sprays that can be used pre-clay as part of your skincare routine.

The Clayspray range is available to buy now at the Clayspray website and coming soon to Feel Unique.

Anushka x

Sacla' Pesto Recipe No 2:  Cheesy Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pull-Apart Bread

We love delicious Sacla' pesto at MagicFreebiesUK, so I decided to see what I could make with it! My second recipe is for Cheesy Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto Pull-Apart Bread - best served fresh from the oven.

You need...

  • a mozzarella cheese ball, chopped into small pieces
  • loaf of crusty bread
  • salt and pepper
  • Parmesan cheese
  • half a jar of Sacla' Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

How to do it...

  1. Line a baking tray with foil. 
  2. Slice your crusty bread carefully down the length and width of the loaf so you are left with little squares all over the top. Make sure you do not cut all the way to the bottom.
  3. Mix your pesto with a little salt and pepper and using a knife, spread it along every sliced part of the bread.
  4. Pull apart the slices and push in the mozzarella cheese and Parmesan into each crevice.
  5. Wrap the bread in foil and bake at 205C for around 10 minutes. Uncover the bread and allow it to remain in the oven until the cheese is melted and slightly golden.

I took them into MagicFreebiesUK HQ and everyone in the office got to try some. Nick had this to say, "A fantastic alternative to garlic bread."

Why not check out the Sacla' website for more information of their products?

Colleen x


Postie brought us Free Samples of E45 Lotion!

We love a good beauty freebie here at MagicFreebiesUK so hurrah for these free samples of E45 Lotion.

This morning I received my free samples of E45 Lotion and it was perfect timing. Just as my skin felt like it was going to crack with dehydration, this little pack from E4 landed on my desk.

I was lucky that when applying for the free samples I selected the Nourish & Restore option as, where I've recently been away in ridiculous 40 degree heat, my skin is now really parched.

I ripped open one of the sachets (quite a decent size!) and smothered my arms in the lotion. It's quite a runny formula so I was half expecting my skin to feel greasy but it sank in fairly quickly. A good burst of moisture - just what my dry skin needed.

I'll be keeping my sachets in my desk drawer. They'll be handy for when my skin needs a quick moisture boost!

If you haven't applied for yours yet then don't worry there's still loads of free E45 samples left.

Anushka x

Teapigs Review: From Chilli Chai to Popcorn Tea!

Regular blog readers will know  we love a good cup of char here at MagicFreebiesUK so when teapigs sent us some of their delicious teas to try we were very excited.

The morning the tea arrived we all gathered around to ooh and ahh over the immense selection. We’re already big fans of their everyday brew and a few of their herbals but we had no idea just how many different varieties were available.

From Chilli Chai to Popcorn there were all kinds of exciting flavours and not a dusty teabag in sight! They all smelt so fresh and even the bags - or tea temples as they are lovingly referred to by teapigs - were high quality and biodegradable.

The healthy team members went straight for the Lemongrass and Silver Tip White whilst the rest bee-lined towards the fantastical-sounding Chocolate Flake tea.

We've all been in our element trying them all out and it's safe to say it's been a pretty tea-tastic week here at MF HQ. Here's what happened...

I rekindled my love of Sausage Dogs and Darjeeling.

“Having dabbled with Darjeeling Earl Grey before I was expecting a strong taste but this wasn’t at all overpowering. Full of flavour yet easy to drink. The blue cornflowers were a nice touch and I LOVE the little sausage dog packaging”.

Tom discovered a decent Lemongrass tea.

“As a fan of Lemongrass I had high hopes for this. It didn’t disappoint - it was light and refreshing. Really nice compared to other brands' versions – I’ll be stocking up” .

Rachel craved Popcorn.

“The Popcorn tea smelt just like popcorn but tasted of green tea. There was also a distinct taste of rice crackers in there. In a nutshell, it made me really want to eat popcorn”.

Oosh rated Mao Feng Green tea.

“I’d drink Mao Feng again, it had a lot more flavour to it than my usual green tea of choice. Surprisingly not bitter to taste but slightly sweet. 4 out 5”.

John tried Liquorice tea for the first time.

“I don’t overly like liquorice or tea, but to my surprise I was made a ‘Liquorice flavoured tea’…while it has not changed my opinion on either, it was nice all the same”.

Colleen went crazy for Chilli Chai.

"Before my lips touched the mug my nose was fully aware I was in for a delicious treat. Having requested a "surprise" teapigs tea, I was both happy and amused - I already drink chai fairly regularly - but never Chilli Chai and I quickly became the world's biggest fan”.

Mark pondered Peppermint.

Peppermint Leaves - compared to other mint teas, this has a more refined flavour. It somehow avoids the bitterness sometimes found in a minty brew. The second best after fresh mint”.

If you'd like to try some delicious teas then skip over to the teapigs website and pick a brew. There are over 26 teapigs varieties to choose from and they'll even suggest a tea depending on your mood! If you work in an office then become a teapigs office fairy and you could land even yourself and your colleagues some free tea.

I've also been experimenting with teapigs Organic Macha tea, a super concentrated green tea powder packed with antioxidants (one cup is the equivelent to 15 cups of regular green tea!) and making lots of treats so watch this space for a review.

Anushka x

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